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C-sections & Large Scars - Scar Heailng System for C-Sections or Large Scars

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C-Section Scars and the Scarology® Difference

The birth of a child is a beautiful thing, but sometimes when a C-section scar remains… mom doesn’t feel beautiful as she is. If you’re a mom and your c-section scar bothers you, you’re not alone. Today roughly one-third of women are giving birth by C-section. Many women shrug off the scarring and hope it will fade with time. But, when bathing suit season inevitably rears its ugly head, sometimes the scar that gave life can also be the source of unease. Don’t cover up! Scarology® is an innovative scar treatment combining exfoliation, a scar cream and silicone sheets all within a simple day and night routine. When followed correctly, this treatment has dramatically reduced the appearance of C-section scars and women are now able to put on those bikinis—and just feel more comfortable overall.

Scarology® isn’t just a scar cream. The Scarology® Ultimate Scar System for C-section and Large Scars is a proprietary formula specifically designed for use on C-section scar healing and it even works on stretch marks. The new large size fits perfectly over C-section, stretch marks, tummy tuck, or large wound scars for optimal nourishment, healing, and scar fading results. And finally, Scarology® is continually recommended by OB/GYNs, doctors, dermatologist, plastic surgeons and general surgeons.

Many busy moms don’t have time to care for themselves once baby arrives. But this system is quick, easy, affordable and hassle free. With results seen as quickly as just three days, moms everywhere are deciding to do something for themselves. Because—with a money back satisfaction guarantee—why not?

The Scarology® 3-step C-section Scar Healing Difference


Natural Fruit Acid Exfoliator

Applying Scarology’s® Natural Fruit Exfoliator is the first part of your day time routine. Exfoliation removes unhealthy skin cells overlying the scar and stimulates the growth of a new healthy layer of skin.


Ultimate Scar Healing Cream

Following exfoliation, Scarology’s® Ultimate Scar Cream provides two key functions in scar healing: hydration and reduction of inflammation, addressing the root cause of the scar and leading to significant healing of the scar.


Silicone Scar Sheets

At night the scar healing process continues while you sleep with Scarology’s® Silicone Scar Sheets. These flexible and comfortable sheets provide compression and nourishment to the scarred skin all night long to accelerate healing.

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Scarology® vs a Leading Skin Care Brand

Scarology vs Leading Brand

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